April 14, 2008

find of the day: gutenberg.org

Free e-books ... I have died and gone to that place in the sky where you don't have to sneak your books into the house because you didn't pay for them with that month's grocery money. (Because "where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?" - Henry Ward Beecher.)

"'I shan't cry but act; for it is high time I was off.'

Christie was one of that large class of women ... earnest and true-hearted, and driven by necessity, temperament, or principle out into the world to find support, happiness, and homes for themselves. Many turn back discouraged; more accept shadow for substance, and discover their mistake too late; the weakest lose their purpose and themselves; but the strongest struggle on, and, after danger and defeat, earn at last the best success this world can give us, the possession of a brave and cheerful spirit, rich in self-knowledge, self-control, self-help. This was the real desire of her heart; this was to be her lesson and reward, and to this happy end she was slowly yet surely brought by the long discipline of life and labor."

- Work: A Story of Experience, Louisa May Alcott

"Welcome to the world of free plain vanilla electronic texts," indeed. I truly may never rise from this chair.

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